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Chef's Corner


Chef Dion.heic

In the refined setting of the El Paso Club in Colorado Springs, Chef Dion has dedicated the last 16 years to crafting dishes that delight the senses. But his culinary journey started long before he arrived at this prestigious establishment.

At just 15, Dion found himself in the bustling kitchen of Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Among the clatter of pots and pans, he discovered his love for cooking and baking. With practice, he honed his skills, particularly in making desserts inspired by French cuisine, like the Paris-Brest pastry—a favorite creation of his.

Beyond the kitchen, Dion's love for fresh ingredients grew in his home garden, tended alongside his wife of 36 years and their children. This passion for quality ingredients carries over into his work at the El Paso Club, where he prioritizes using locally sourced produce despite the challenges of Colorado's unpredictable climate.

Reflecting on his journey, Dion takes pride in his growth from those early days at Cheyenne Mountain Resort to his role now. He not only excels in the kitchen but also fosters a positive work environment, believing that a happy kitchen leads to even better food.

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